Kyleigh’s Playhouse

This Encanto-themed playhouse was built for Kyleigh, a little girl from Azle, Texas. Kyleigh suffers from cerebral palsy. “Cerebral palsy will be a lifetime ailment that she’ll have to live with. She makes the very best of it though,” said Shelbi, Kyleigh’s mom. 

In 2022, Make a Wish reached out to Building Wishes with a new playhouse wish from Kyleigh. Building Wishes partnered with corporate sponsor Eubanks Appraisals to help make the wish come true.

“My company, Eubanks Appraisals, was able to sponsor this project. We read about Kyleigh…I have 3 daughters that are similar in age to her…it seemed like it fit my heart,” said Will Eubanks, owner of Eubanks Appraisals. 

Kyleigh really wanted a greenhouse in her playhouse. In addition, her favorite movie is Encanto. After speaking with Kyleigh, Building Wishes and Eubanks Appraisals came up with a space that incorporated the greenhouse with an Encanto-themed twist. We listened to Kyleigh’s ideas to design a space that was truly her own. “That’s what it’s all about…team-building and working together for a common goal, for Kyleigh,” said Brian Grossman with Building Wishes.

“It [the Encanto movie] was really inspiring for me because the main character was really different from the rest of her family like I am,” Kyleigh said. “It inspired me to take adventures and also to always feel appreciated, no matter if I have something different from the other kids.”

Brian Grossman recalled the day the playhouse was unveiled to Kyleigh. “The look on her face…that’s what it’s all about. It’s the greatest thing in the world to give something to a child who desperately needs something to take their mind off of their current situation and brighten their day.”

When Kyleigh saw the playhouse, she said she was shocked. “It’s exactly how I wanted it to look!”

When asked about how this project has affected his team, Will Eubanks said, “it’s been incredible for our company and for our team. Coming out here and being involved in a project that’s not related to our jobs, but just for somebody else, serving together.”